How To Learn Keyboard Typing?

how to learn keyboard typing

Learning to type can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve been tapping away at the keyboard for years without requiring any remedial training. Fear not – there are strategies that will expedite your typing proficiency!

In this article, we’ll explore three effective ways to learn keyboarding.

How To Learn Keyboard Typing?

If you’ve been neglecting your keyboard proficiency for quite some time now, or if it has simply never come up – don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to speed up your learning curve.

Don’t fret if you haven’t used a particular word correctly when typing. Simply press Delete and type the correct spelling as needed. After you’ve mastered each individual key, try typing out entire sentences in order to progress from there!

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1. Use a typing tutor program

If you desire a more comprehensive learning experience, you might want to consider using an online typing tutor program. These tools can be extremely helpful for developing your speed without incurring too much effort – it’s virtually effortless!

Free typing tutors are available on the Web. However, if you prefer a more hands-on approach, consider enrolling in an e-learning course designed just for this purpose.

2. Follow an online typing course

If you’re seeking a one-off tutorial to hone your keyboarding skills, an online course may be the most convenient choice. It can be accessed from any location at any time!

Online courses typically contain hours of video lectures and quizzes; however, the length of instruction is variable. Beginners typically find it beneficial to work through classes slowly, while intermediate learners should make haste in order to gain proficiency as quickly as possible.

Online typing courses provide ample opportunity for progress monitoring. At the conclusion of each lesson or module, you’ll take quizzes or complete simple test exercises designed to gauge your mastery over particular concepts.

3. Use free typing websites

Have you been reluctant to purchase an expensive keyboard? Don’t despair – there are many free typing websites available that allow users to practice their skills.

Typecast is one such resource; it allows newcomers to learn the ins and outs of keyboarding, while helping experienced typists make a more accurate input. Furthermore, this website offers numerous learning programs where you can master your letter formation as well as stroke order for greater precision in any given task.

For those seeking assistance with their touch-typing, TypingTip provides extensive lesson plans that may assist you in learning how to type using only the keypad on your laptop or mobile device. This highly efficient method is ideal for those who wish to accelerate their typing speed without having to invest in new equipment!

4. Train on a real keyboard

The ideal way to learn keyboard typing is by practicing on a real keyboard. With any other training method, it’s difficult to truly grasp the nuances of touch-typing without actually exposing yourself to such an instrument for practice – what better way than using one at your disposal?

Practicing on a traditional mechanical keyboard can be quite empowering; after all, you have full control over every aspect in how you compose your text. It’s through trial and error that one learns speed and accuracy – a necessity for any aspiring typist!

5. Practice typing drills

To fully master keyboarding, you should employ various typing drills. These are a common method for practicing typing speed and accuracy; they will also enhance your proficiency!

To hone your finger-speed, try the following quick-fire drills:

1. Shorter phrases are preferable to longer ones as they allow us to build up our velocity quicker.

2. Keep your fingers on the keys as short-handed (two fingers only) as possible in an effort to boost accuracy even more!

3. Try varying between two-finger and three-finger iterations of keystrokes as well as combinations when possible – adding even more challenges along the way!

6. Increase your typing speed

If you’re concerned about how fast you are typing, don’t be. Your speed is a matter of convenience and comfort rather than of necessity when learning keyboard typing.

There are several ways to increase your speed at the keyboard:

1. Become more familiar with the keys and the order in which they appear. By practicing them regularly, you will become quicker operating proficiently within an hour’s time on top of that!

2. Utilize a keyboard with more keys. Not only do keyboards with more functions save effort by eliminating numerous fingers from the equation; they also enable faster operation than any standard layout – even if it takes some getting used to! This option can be especially advantageous for individuals who find it difficult to reach certain keys with their hands due to physical limitations or poor grip strength.

7. Develop the correct posture when typing

Correctly positioning one’s wrists while typing is essential if you wish to minimize strain on both hands as well as avoid pain and fatigue. Try forming a ‘W’ with your hands by placing them on either side of the keyboard with palms forward and fingers pointing upward.

If you prefer another hand placement, an acceptable choice is to rest your forearms parallel to each other on your lap or in front of your thighs where they can rest comfortably against one another.

8. Familiarize yourself with keyboard shortcuts

If you find learning a new skill daunting, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with keyboard shortcuts. These are shortcodes that can expedite what you would otherwise need to perform as either a mouse click or keystroke-based command.

Are you an avid Reddit user? If so, one of the most essential keyboard shortcuts pertaining to the site may come in handy – Ctrl+T to open a new tab; alternatively – Alt+R for r/next . Just two simple presses and those shortcuts will become second nature for you!

9. Take breaks when typing

You wouldn’t want to overwork yourself, so it’s a good idea to take frequent breaks while typing. This can help improve your concentration levels and prevent fatigue which could lead to mistakes on the keyboard.

Pro Tip: Consider utilizing one of the numerous break-out sessions that are offered at the end of each day. An hour or two away from your computer can go a long way when it comes to relieving stress!

10. Set up a comfortable workspace

Wreak havoc on your workspace by using any combination of the following:

A comfy desk and ergonomic chair are essential for a productive workday. The ultimate goal is to achieve a conducive atmosphere that allows you to concentrate without distractions – ideal for succeeding at keyboarding!

To maximize the efficiency of your workspace, consider these tips:

Establish an area where you can keep all of your electronic devices within sight and reach. Don’t deprive yourself of having access to your pagers or mobile phones as well as your desktop computer monitor; it just makes sense if you’re trying to get things done!

Your space should be free from excess clutter, making it easy for you to locate important items. Keep all materials related to typing–such as paper clips and staples–within arm’s reach; after all, time spent looking for what one needs is rarely beneficial in any circumstance!


As a learner, it is essential to be patient and persistent with our training efforts. We must continually devote ourselves to proficiency until reaching our goal; otherwise, we will eventually experience failure in any endeavor.

Our app provides a virtual keyboard that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. It is an efficient tool for improving typing speed and proficiency!

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