How To Learn Editing Video?

how to learn editing video

Learning video editing can be an intimidating task for even experienced amateurs, let alone those with limited experience in the field. For this reason, many are turning to online tutorials and classes to gain proficiency in their chosen skill set; however, how do you choose between which resources provide the ideal learning experience?

Are you interested in learning video editing? With over 500k subscribers on YouTube and a whopping $100 billion industry awaiting your arrival, there is no shortage of resources available to assist you in achieving mastery!

How To Learn Editing Video?

For those who don’t consider themselves video pros, learning how to edit videos on YouTube can be a daunting task. Thankfully, there is an abundance of editing tools available that enable users to achieve the desired result with minimal effort.

With so many video editors out there vying for your attention, how do you choose which one’s right for you? Let me offer some insight into the three most popular:

The free Windows Movie Maker application by Microsoft is practically synonymous with editing video on YouTube – and rightly so! Its intuitive interface makes it ideal for beginners. Pro tip: You can even export videos from different devices using its versatile Video app; simply export them from within the program itself and then upload them to your channel without having to re-edit or do anything further!

If you are looking for a powerful, yet user-friendly video editor, look no further than Sony Vegas Pro 13 Home Studio. This robust software boasts all the features necessary for creating professional-quality videos like zooming in/out or trimming unwanted parts from a clip – making it suitable for seasoned editors as well as newcomers alike. Furthermore, Vegas Pro packs in tonnes of unique and interesting effects such as chroma key – allowing you to add vibrant colors where needed while also giving your interviewees an added sense of realism! Not only that but it’s capable of rendering captivating 3D titles and luscious transitions between scenes – not an easy feat even for experienced professionals! Lastly but certainly not leastly… this efficient software supports all major formats including MKV!

1. Enroll in a college or university course

In the U.S., there are no fewer than 50 schools offering accredited video production degrees, from Yale University to Georgia Southern University and nearly every one of them confer a strong diploma when you have completed your education.

If you’re pursuing an academic program that does not yet offer video editing as part of its curriculum, don’t despair! This is still a viable option for earning credentials – simply enroll in a third-party class and gain the necessary skillset needed for success in the industry.

Your college may not have an existing course on editing videos, but chances are that some or all of your professors have experience with it. Ask around!

2. Read articles

Producers, like myself, often feel under pressure to produce content that is captivating and engaging. The solution is simple: read!

Reading articles on your craft can provide you with an interesting perspective on topics related to editing video, giving you fresh new ideas about how you might approach a project or simply aid in clarifying any issues that may have arisen during the process of production.

blogs and books

An abundance of resources are available to assist you in improving your editing skills and becoming an expert.

Blogs and books provide you with detailed explanations and comprehensive guides on how to master certain elements such as video editing software or platforms.

Blogs offer a platform for video editors to share their skills and expertise on the craft, while books can help provide a comprehensive guide for learning about it.

3. Watch tutorials on YouTube and other video-sharing sites

Never discount the power of YouTube! It’s an excellent starting point for finding videos that depict different editing techniques for video content.

YouTube is a veritable trove of video editing tutorials, offering various channels from which to choose. Some are designed exclusively for beginners who wish to gain hands-on experience; others cater specifically towards skilled professionals looking for advice on their craft.

To extract maximum value from YouTube, it’s essential to strike up conversations with other video editors and producers in your community. By observing how they construct their footage and edit their content, you can benefit from their insights regarding what works under certain circumstances while at the same time gaining access to invaluable tips that may prove useful later on.

4. Practice using editing software and hardware

If you are interested in learning editing software, there are many applications available on the market that can quickly help you enter the field.

Just like with any practice designed to improve skill levels, it is critical that you tailor your efforts to your own particular needs. You should experiment with different video editing software applications, hardware and plugins until you find the one(s) that best suit your workflow.

5. Follow along with a video editing master class

Hands-on video editing mastery can be attained through a multitude of resources, from YouTube’s Advanced editing courses to professional courses offered by established video production studios.

Are you seeking an all-inclusive video master class? Your search just ended with our comprehensive list of accessible editor classes! From creator insights to in-depth introductions on how to begin, this comprehensive resource provides access to over 200 expert-led videos designed to help you advance your knowledge.

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6. Ask seasoned professionals for advice

If you are determined to learn editing video, there’s no better way than taking classes or seeking a mentor. The seasoned professionals that we spoke of above are excellent examples – their advice is invaluable!

To find mentors, it may be beneficial to sign up for a meetup group or join an online community dedicated to sharing knowledge about the subject of editing video content.

7. Follow industry trends

When it comes to video marketing, there’s no shortage of options. If you’re new to the game or simply seeking out an inexpensive way to attract attention towards your brand, consider creating a video!

However, if you want make use of video as part of an effective content marketing strategy – like we discussed in the previous section – then deciding which potential videos you’ll create could be quite daunting. To assist with that decision making process, take note of existing industry trends and consider incorporating them into your own video productions for optimum impact!

“Video has always been one of the most effective digital marketing strategies when combined with other tactics such as blog posts, social media and email campaigns. However, as our lives become even busier than ever before it’s important to ensure that our outreach efforts are efficient and effective. To promote this idea I have chosen an engaging model with just one view: editing video.” – Rachel Madison

8. Join online forums and ask questions

When you’re curious about a certain subject and seek to gain a deeper appreciation of your field, it can be all too easy to neglect the most basic tenets. In such cases, it is essential to venture beyond books and formal courses so as not to miss out on any opportunity for self-improvement!

Participation in online discussion groups affords an ideal opportunity for those seeking to hone their knowledge of key concepts – all while having the chance to ask questions or share concerns with peers.

9. Learn the art of storytelling

Editing can be an essential component of a video, but don’t forget that it’s only one aspect. Also consider the story you’re trying to tell; if it’s not compelling enough, then no amount of editing could possibly salvage it!

Even though this is ostensibly a question about editing, it still needs to be addressed: what does it take to create a captivating piece of content? A succinct narrative with characters and conflict is required for any engaging piece of media – whether it be movies, sermons or even recipes!

Thinking about your message as a song lyric and crafting it into an engaging script can assist you in creating a fine piece of work.


As you progress in your YouTube career, it will be necessary to acquire the knowledge of editing video. With the abundance of free resources available online, there’s no reason not to jump in and start learning!

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